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One of the smartest investments that you can make as a contractor, or even as a homeowner, is tools you buy. The tools you find at Mattson Lumber Co are built to last so you can use them over and over again.

• Drill bits and accessories                        • Cement finishing tools

• Brick laying tools                                     • Rebar & tie wire tools

• Measuring tools                                       • Hammers and chisels

• Wrecking bars                                          • Picks

• Shovels and scoops                                 • Wheelbarrows and mortar boxes brooms

• Brushes                                                    • Squeegees

• Roller frames and covers                        • Mops

• Handles and brackets                             • Sprayers

• Caulk guns and accessories                    • Power cords

• Torches                                                     • Wrenches

• Screw drivers                                            • Pliers

• Bolt cutters and snip                               • Saws blades and parts

• Abrasives                                                  • Staplers and staples

    • Depressed center wheels                          • Abrasive blades

    • Cup wheels                                                 • Diamond blades

    • Wire wheels                                                • Saws, bandsaw and hacksaw blades

    • Rub bricks                                                  • Carbide tipped blades

    • Sanding / stripping                                   • Stihl saw parts                                              

• Scrapers                                                     • Utility knives

Trust in our knowledgeable staff and 25 years of experience to guide you in the direction of the proper tools.

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Not only can you find all the various pieces of lumber you may need, Mattson Lumber Co also carries the windows, doors, and other accessories you want.


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